After the ibogaine treatment concludes, careful consideration to an aftercare plan will help to deliver the best results.

Ibogaine treatment for addiction by itself is estimated as having a 20% success rate for complete recover with no relapses. Although this gives patients a better chance than traditional drug rehab programs, with the proper aftercare the success rate is increased to 85-90%.

Recovery is a process in any situation and with ibogaine, there are many phases of this transition. It can be dangerous to return to a normal everyday life and environment too quickly. One of the many effects caused by ibogaine appears in its ability to reset the patient's brain to its state before addiction occurred. In doing so, the user's tolerance to all substances is reset as if they never experienced them at all. Even coffee intake can cause problems in this crucial and sensitive time. Transition back to regular life is ideally a careful and gradual process.

Many facilities openly frown upon the use of ibogaine for addiction treatment, while simultaneously promoting pharmaceuticals that are often more addictive than what the patient became addicted to. These include drugs like buprenorphine, methadone, gapapentin, and a number of counterproductive medications that often have no positive long-term benefits. Ibogaine provides all of any perceived benefits from more standard medications with one dose and it has the capacity to produce permanent transformation.

An aftercare that fits ibogaine is one that not only understands this reality, but one that tries to enhance the overall experience of ibogaine assisted-recovery. Examples of excellent aftercare activities include:

Tai Chi
Advanced detoxification
A healthy and nutritional diet
Psycho-spiritual therapy
Sense of community with people that can relate to each other
Access to various sports and recreational activities
Free time to process and reflect

These types of activities have consistently shown to help establish alternative ways of dealing with anxiety and stress. If someone has come as far as to choose ibogaine for ending their addiction and fully intends on staying clean, then ibogaine combined with aftercare can not only help them reach permanent sobriety, but also paves the way for a new life of endless possibilities.