Ibogaine Treatment

The treatment will differ based on which provider is selected. Your background will also affect the type of treatment you will receive. The prescreening process will medically clear your for treatment as well as provide any medication to prevent withdrawal. Opioid receptors will need to be cleared of any synthetic opioids. Before treatment, you will be weighed to determine precise dosage.

Ibogaine treatment will generally require fasting for about 8 hours prior to the administration of ibogaine. The treatment is typically administered in capsules. A test dose is first provided to make sure there are no allergic reactions or complications. After about 30-45 minutes, you will receive the remaining dose.

Ibogaine takes about an hour or so to fully kick in. A comfortable bed is provided so that they can sit or lay in a relaxed position. Blood/oxygen count will be monitored throughout the experience.

Music is usually provided to promote a pleasant experience. You will often feel a wave of warmth over the entire body, along with a faster heart beat. Keeping the eyes closed is encouraged and a a sleep mask may be provided. The effects of ibogaine can last for several hours and possibly into the next day. Once the effects have subsided, you are encouraged to eat, drink and rest.

The next day is considered the gray day and since some withdrawal symptoms may be present, you are encouraged to rest or take time to reflect on the experience. If you are unable to sleep, the option for sleep medication will be discussed to ensure a proper night's worth of rest is gained.